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As a small child, Marsia got a box of crayons and has been doodling, drawing, and painting ever since. The doodling, drawing, and painting are compositions coalescing into shapes of souls. This is Marsia's only explanation of them. They just come and they go, and are always there ready to present themselves on canvas, paper, in pencil, watercolor or acrylic. 


​For the first time ever, La Galleria exhibits a collection of Marsia's works titled: "My Peace Is Your Peace."

What/who they are, Marsia does not know, but she has always felt their message:

​We are all a part of a greater whole. We are an interconnected fabric. We are not separate beings of “you and me”.​ It is their message and she has always felt it, heard it, and communicated it in her work.

They say:​ when we have an internal realization, this “a-ha” moment, when we spiritually comprehend that there is interconnectedness between us all, we change. We become patient, compassionate and kind.

We have access to a deep comprehension that someone who hurts your feelings did it not because of you necessarily. When they hastily reacted out of anger or in any other negative emotional way towards you, you are able to see that it could have other contributing reasons for  their negative state of mind and body.

We get their stress of the day, maybe they got bad news, maybe they have an ingrained fear or anxiety. We see frustration, repression, fear, repressed feelings and emotions from years of emotional and cultural learning.  And we see ourselves in that place too. Maybe we would act in the same manner.

​When we see the connection with others, we comprehend the duality of our views, emotions, and acts. It allows us to stop seeing and acting only  as competitive individuals. It stops the “you and me” awareness and reveals the interdependence between all things. It is a profound “aha” moment.

We become aware that the Amazon coffee grounds delivery could not exist without the individuals who procured the product. Observing wider, we see the entire chain of causation that allows for those beans to arrive at your house. The truck the beans were transported, and the driver(s), the  fuel delivered to be pumped, the beans roaster, the packager, the inspector at  the ship in Colombia and all of deck hands who made it possible for the ship to port for delivery to the warehouses. We see the soil tiller, the farmer who planted the crop, and those who picked the beans. We see the sunny days and the rainy ones responsible for its harvest.

If we keep looking, we see how everything infinitely perpetuates and impacts on everything and everyone. “Seeing” demystifies, unites us, and brings us together. It gives us the wisdom to make ethical decisions with more skill and compassion. It allows us to better see the potential repercussions of our seemingly harmless actions. It gives us the mindful insight to see the impact we have on others and our environment and allows us to think more skillfully before we say, or do something.​ We learn to have patience with ourselves and others. We understand the origin of our thoughts, emotions and actions. We see that all things are truly equal, man or animal, river or rock. We see that my problems are your problems, and that your grief is my grief.​ 


​We also see that "my peace is your peace" and vice-versa. This is the message that Marsia is communicating to us with this exhibition.

This wisdom and enlightenment gives us the foresight to change our present and our future because we are making mindful and skillful decisions today. When we intimately understand the interconnectedness that exists between all things and all of us, we are liberated from ignorance and we become enlightened.